Is SafeRide a transportation broker?

SafeRide is not a transportation broker in the traditional sense. Rather, we customize our technology and services to meet the needs of each individual health plan we work with.


What technology platform does SafeRide use?

The SafeRide technology platform is built 100% in-house, and is the backbone of what we do. Technology layers include:

  • Health plan portal for managing transportation benefits across a plan’s member population.

  • Member portal for members to book their own rides.

  • SafeRide dispatch portal and algorithms to automate ride matching, scheduling, and dispatching.

  • Compliance technology layer.

  • Care provider booking portal.

  • Driver mobile application.

How is SafeRide different from a traditional dispatch platform?

SafeRide was founded with the mission to improve access to care by empowering health plans and care providers to take more control of patient transportation. Rather than solely focusing on getting members from point A to point B, SafeRide ensures that improved member experiences and population health outcomes are at the forefront. The SafeRide platform gives plans real-time visibility into all transportation activity and customizable data reports to closely measure overall program success.

What services does SafeRide offer?

SafeRide offers a full suite of services to manage transportation programs for health plans of all sizes. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Member call center for intake, ride scheduling, and grievance handling.

  • Transportation network sourcing and procurement

  • Transportation network compliance management.

  • Centralized scheduling and dispatch services.

Who does SafeRide work with?

We consider health plans and insurers to be our clients, but we seek to elevate the experience of all parties impacted by transportation. Health plans, care providers, transportation providers, drivers, and plan members are all end users of our technology and service solutions.

Can individuals use SafeRide?

SafeRide offers multiple ways to connect a member with an appropriate ride. The following personas are able to initiate the ride booking process and request a ride:

  • Plan member.

  • Care provider.

  • Health plan.

  • SafeRide call center.

To find out if you are eligible to schedule a ride via SafeRide, contact your insurance provider or primary care provider.

What types of transportation does SafeRide support?

The SafeRide platform supports the full spectrum of transportation modes, including:

  • Non-Medical Transportation (NMT) - SafeRide has a national partnership with Lyft to support non-medical, on-demand rides to care. Lyft is the fastest-growing rideshare company in the United States and is available in over 300 cities.

  • Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT).

  • Livery and taxi services.

  • Public transportation options.

  • Mileage reimbursement.

What is NEMT?

NEMT stands for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation and includes a variety of vehicle types and service levels used to get patients to and from non-emergent medical appointments. Saferide defines NEMT as including ambulatory, wheelchair-accessible, stretcher-accessible, and life-supportive vehicles, as well as curb-to-curb, door-to-door, hand-to-hand, room-to-room, and bariatric service levels.

Who pays for SafeRide?

Who funds rides depends on the persona and use case:

  • Health plans who have a covered transportation benefit may receive federal and/or state funding to allocate towards a transportation program. Health plans may also choose to self-fund rides.

  • Care providers may have a transportation grant, allocated funding for a transportation program, or an associated health plan partner who provides a transportation benefit. Care providers may also choose to self-fund rides.

  • Patients have the ability to self-fund rides or receive mileage reimbursement for rides. Check with your health insurance provider to determine your eligibility.

Does SafeRide support public transportation?

Yes, in some cases SafeRide can work with a local public or municipal transportation provider to manage transportation for health plan members.

Can I use a trial of SafeRide as part of my evaluation process?

Each of our programs are designed at an individual level and designed for a partner’s unique member population needs. To determine whether your organization is eligible for a pilot, request a demo and our sales team will follow up.

How much does SafeRide cost?

Program costs depend on many unique factors such as location, estimated ride volume, types of managed services needed, etc. To determine the estimated cost of your program, request a demo and our sales team will follow up.

What types of analytics are available in SafeRide?

SafeRide tracks detailed program analytics through our platform as well as a customizable reporting API. We track nearly 40 individual data points for each ride delivered and provide customized dashboards based on success metrics determined by each health plan. Some common metrics our partners track are:

  • Total number of rides; rides per day.

  • Member experience; ride ratings.

  • Vehicle and fleet efficiency.

  • Ride no-show rate.

  • Average cost-per-ride.

  • Ride on-time rate.

  • Ride cancellation rate.

Does SafeRide own the NEMT vehicles?

SafeRide does not own or operate any vehicles. We treat our transportation providers as true program partners. They utilize the SafeRide platform to manage their own vehicle fleets.