Transforming healthcare, one ride at a time.

We empower health plans to simplify medical transport and improve patient outcomes.


Access to care is critical.

Every day, health plans provide members with essential rides to and from the care they need. Without reliable transportation, as many as 30% of all medical appointments are missed or delayed annually, creating costly downstream effects on payors, providers, and members.




SafeRide revolutionizes access.

Our unique approach to transportation management directly connects payors, providers, and members on one HIPAA-compliant technology platform. By removing traditional barriers to care, SafeRide makes medical transportation efficient and transparent, providing health plans with a better member experience at a lower cost.


How it works.



Gain Additional Insight into Program Performance

The SafeRide technology platform provides personalized data transparency for your transportation program. Unlike brokers, who manage transportation behind a black box, we centralize care providers, fleet owners, drivers, and members on one integrated technology platform. As a result, you have insight into more than 40 key performance data points across your entire program.



optimize transportation network

SafeRide’s programs support the full spectrum of healthcare transportation. Our efficient network enables you to offer both scheduled and on-demand medical transport to members, solving the problems of long wait times and no-shows.



Improve member Experience and Population Health

A positive member experience is core to a successful transportation program. The SafeRide platform gives members multiple options for booking rides and matches each member with the most appropriate transport for their needs. By simplifying transportation, SafeRide makes care more accessible.



Reduce overall healthcare costs

A transparent and efficient transportation program minimizes per-member costs and eliminates fraud, waste, and abuse. More importantly, when members have access to care, overall healthcare costs are reduced.


Who we work with.

SafeRide provides integrated technology and management support for each layer of medical transportation.


Health Plans

Modernize your transportation program.


NEMT Providers

Deliver more rides.


Care Providers

Improve your operations.


Plan Members

Never miss another appointment.



Annual Rides

Every 20 seconds, a ride is completed through SafeRide.



On-Time Rate

SafeRide outperforms the industry standard of 75-80%.



Grievance Rate

A positive experience results in happier members.



cost reduction

Savings over other programs on a per-ride basis.


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