Modernize your transportation program.



SafeRide’s technology and managed services empower you with everything you need to get your members to care. We build customized end-to-end transportation programs around your specific needs, relieving the headache of transportation intake, coordinating, and scheduling.


Built with customization in mind



Technology ecosystem for all layers of transportation

Unlike traditional brokers, SafeRide connects all stakeholders on one integrated software platform. Care providers, members, NEMT fleet owners, and drivers all use SafeRide's technology natively, creating more effective communication channels while providing comprehensive end-to-end insight.



Dashboards and analytics tools

Our platform provides unprecedented transparency into your transportation program. Pull customized reports to monitor performance and cost. Our data reports integrate with your existing EHR patient database so you can analyze transportation data within the context of overall population health metrics.



benefit structure setting

The SafeRide platform allows you to easily set a specific benefit structure based on population, health plan, use case, or other variables. Seamlessly manage adherence to the benefit structure so that members only receive pre-authorized rides.



member intake and benefit authorization services

SafeRide can handle all member intake services on your behalf. Our dedicated call center representatives conduct customized interviews with each member to determine their benefit eligibility, authorize their benefit usage, and schedule their rides.



transport network sourcing and management

We source transportation providers that have the capacity to fulfill a program's demand while adhering to all service levels, including leveraging our national partnership with Lyft. We also proactively manage compliance, professionalism, and technology adoption matters for all transportation providers.



fraud, waste, and abuse prevention

SafeRide diligently monitors your entire program network for potentially fraudulent, wasteful, and abusive rides. You will never have to worry about paying the price for FWA.



training and support services

SafeRide trains your users how to utilize our tools to their maximum capabilities. We offer onsite as well as remote trainings, regular check-ins, and frequent product and feature updates.


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